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Indian Melodic Rock -a new Rock Genre

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Indian Melodic Rock -a new Rock Genre

World system of music can be classified as Melodic and Harmony.
     The Western Music struck it's own seperate path distictly due to harmony.Harmony gradually dominated Melody.
        Indian music is melodic in character and form throughout the length and breadth of India.Melody means the flow of one note followed by another with a regular sequence or pitch,rhythm and tempo.
     Indian system of music is objective as well a s subjective.,depending on the combined effect of consonance and dissonance i.e samvaditwa and vivaditwa.
      In India music developed dimension ally as the Raga..The Indian music is entirely based  on Raga-s ,the tuneful combination of notes evoking a particular mood.-which themselves are based on Nada,Shruthi,Swara,Saptaka And That. This development was phenomenal and profound such that,India stlole  a great march over her sister melodic systems of Asia.In other system of music we find such a complicated highly system of Raga.This is the pivotal concept of the Melodic music. and forms the back bone of Indian music..
Sri Shiridi Sai Creations,Vizag with a mission to pique the interest of to day's youngesters in India and  in other parts of the world  and to  familiarize and propagate the in U.S,U.K and other parts of the world the  traditional Indian music of has conceptualized 'Indian melodic Rock' reincarnating the traditional Indian music with a touch of Rock and Jazz.  

What is Indian Melodic Rock?
A new Rock genre conceived to pique the interest of to day's youngsters in Indian and abroad,in the traditional music of India and to familiarise the western world with the Melodic music scales of India with a touch of Rock and Jazz.

                                        Teens music-classic
   With a mission to pique the interest of to day's youngsters in our tarditional music and to familiarise them with our traditional compositions like Bhajans of Tulasidas,Meera bhai,Srdas ,Tyagaraja,Muttuswami Deekshitaar,Shyama Sastry without tampering the ancient Laews of ragas Shiridi sai creations  is reincarnating them with a new age twist, with a touch of Rock and Jazz..

                                 Revival of Hollywood hits
With a mission to familiarise the Western world,the Melodic  Indian music scales i.e raga-s,fusing the traditional music with the Western rock and Jazz reviving the Hollywood hits.The idea behind this concept is to make western world enjoy the taste of Idian mango i.e Indian traditional music(Raga-s)
  In this process Sri Shiridi Sai Creations has recorded five hit numbers of Hollywood in 'Indian melodic Rock'style.
1.A most popular song film song of yester years 'Que sera sera' sung by doris day for the Hitchcock's movie 
''The man who knew too much''
Pibare rama rasam a traditional composition presented in Indian melodic rock style

'Top of the world 'revived in Rag: Bhageshree and Bhimpalasi

Love to baby composed in Rag: Madhu kuns

'Yester day ' a most popular song of the Beatles group,composed in Rag:Patdeep

Elvis Presley's 'falling in love with you'composed in rag Kalaavati

Krishnamayya (12th century poet )`s composition

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Elvis presleyy`s Cant help falling in live with you composed in Indian melodic Rock style( a new musical genre

This is on e of the Top ten hits of Elvispresley,revived composing in `Indian melodic Rock(a new musical genre)by Murali krishna of Vizag,India.
This song is copsed in Rag Kalavati
.Music assistance by Ashirwad Luke,Vizag

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: My profile

My profile

Born in a family of musicians at Berhampore(Ganjam) a town in Orissa which has a rich cultural and literary back ground..Murali mohan cultivated a good taste for music and literature since his childhood...In pursuit of music he came to Vizianagram where he studied music at Maharaja Music college under the tutelage of Sri.Tirupati Gopala Krishna and Sri.P.V.Seshiah sastry..

Skills summary:

Varied but accomplished talent and back ground in singing,Music composing and also in Cultural journalism.

  • Having a melodious voice ,Murali gave many light , semi classical and film music concerts.

  • Having close association with many scholars and literary personalities like
SriSri,Arudra,Chaso,Ravisastry,Ajanta, Uppala Lakshmana rao,Avasarala Ramakrishna rao etc and cultural and literary organizations like Virasam,Vikasam(Berhampore),Visakha sahiti etc. cultivated a good taste for literature and culture.

  • Murali Mohan has created a history in cultural journalism by contributing a full cultural page for Andhra Bhoomi(daily )and Andhra Jyoathi(daily) for more than one and half decades.His cultural colums and music colums in other dailies like Hindu,Deccan chronicle,Indian express,Andhra prabha Andhra Bhoomi(weekly),Rachana were well received by the readers.

  • readership survey His special features ~~``Raaga ranjani’’ and ``Raaga maalika’’( a music column presented in a popular style analyzing Indian film music in relation to Indian and Western music scales ),Endaro Mahanubhavul ( history of Indian music),Tyagaraaja vaibhavam( analyzing Saint Tyagaraja`s compositions) and Cultural quiz published in Andhra bhoomi and Andhrajyothi dailies were well received by the laymen and laity as well and thesse colums had a verygood readership according to the surveys conducted by the respective dailies.

  • Mural Mohan having close association with  themusical legend Saluru rajeswara rao of yester years, studied the intricacies of music composing .and also studying the styles of various film music directors like Shankar- Jaikishan,Naushad,O.P.Nayyar,Madan mohan Ravindra jain,S.D Burman R.D Burman,Kalyanji-Anadji,Lakshmkant-Pyarelaal ,Ghantasaala,Master Venu and etc and developed a style of his own,that is very diverse in composition,arrangements and music style and named it as 
    `Indian Melodic Rock'
    He also set music for the compositions of Jayadeva,,Narayana Teertha, Sadasiva Brahmendra.Ranmadas,Surdas,Tulasi das,Meera bai .His live music shows Tyagaraja atma darsanam,Krishnam vande jagadgurum presented at Madras Music Academy were instant hits..

  • Masters degree in commerce
  • Diploma in karnatak music and Hindusthani music.
  • Made an extensive research oriented study of Indian and western music scales and also Indian film music and contributed more than five hundred articles to various news papers which were published.

  • He composed music for`` Sivapadam’’ of Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma.He composed 111 verses of Sivapadam in 111 ragas without repetition. He composed in both karnatak and Hindusthani raga-s some of which are rere raragas likeLavangi,Deepak,Sankara,Gara,saavitri etc.Sivapadam was presented as a music show at Madras Music Academy which received an over whelming response from the laity as well as layman.Many of these compostions were recorded in the voice of S.P Balasubrahmanyam,S.P.Sailaja and vijay yesudasand others
He also set music fort he compositions of Jayadeva,,Narayana Teertha, Sadasiva Brahmendra.Ranmadas,Surdas,Tulasi das,Meera bai .

His live music shows Sivapadam,Tyagaraja atma darsanam,Krishnam vande jagadgurum presented at Madras Music Academy,Kala bharati ,Visakhapatnam,Ravibndra Bharati,Hyderabad were instant hits..

At present he is composing music to the hymns of The 12th-13th century saint composer Sri.kanta Krishnamacharyulu popularly known as krishnamaacharyulu,His work ``Simhagiri vachanamulu'' which is ihte prose form is being translated/transformed in to song format suitable to sing like a song, in melodious raga-s to suit the taste of all kinds of listeners.

Film Experience:

Murali mohan worked with the famous film director K.Viswanath as Music Director for his film `Swarabhishekam’,which bagged National award for Music.


Murali mohan `s mission is to propagate Hindu vedic culture in general and the life,works and the spiritual message of the Ist saint composer and the father of south Indian music Sri.Kanta Krishnamacharyulu through out the world 
.pl.view FEW MAILS OF DR.P.SUSEELA ,A SINGER OF REPUTE which will speak volumes about my multifaceted talent in the field of music and literature. and journalism.
I would like to request you to provide an opportunity to associate with your esteemed organization.
V.Murali mohan
my contact address is
V.Murali mohan
C/503,K.S.R.Green valley
Visakhapatnam 530018
mobile 9248468774
--------- Forwarded message ----------From: susheela p <>
Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 8:50 PM
Subject: krishnamayya
To: murali vinukonda <;

Respected Murali garu
Im glad to know about ur unique venture of Krishnamayya projectI also appreciate your sincere efforts in bringing out to light the Compositions of the ancient composer Krishnamayya.I have listened to your tunes sent by mail which make me to remember our guruSri.Saluru rajeswara rao garu.. Being a resident of Vizinagram Im also gald to note this being done at the auspicious of Anada gajapathi Raju. Can I know some more details. I would also like to associate with this by rendering some of the songs composed by you.. I would like to request Dr.Bala Murali Krishnagaru to render the compositions of Krishnamayya.. Let me know ur plans and works. Mr suryaprakash informed me about u. I would like to meet u
thanks and regards.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: susheela p <>
Date: Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 1:45 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Krishnamayya project
To: Muralimohan vinukonda <>

Sri Vinukonda Murali Mohan
Krishnamayya project

Dear sri Murali garu
thank you very much for your affectionate offer to me to take the president post of your Krishnamayya foundation.. Iam very happy to associate with your prestigious project.Yesterday I met Dr.Managalampalli BalaMurali krishnagaru and told him about your project.He was extremely happy to know that Krishnamayya`s works are being brought in to light by you.While appreciating your efforts in bringing the compositions of krishnamayya in to light he praised your concept of singing Vachanams in a keertan style.I have requested him to sing some of your compositions and he gladly acceded to my request.,You are very lucky. instead of meeting in hurry at Kakinada It would be better If you could come down to Chennai with all relevant scripts and the notations of songs,so that we can sit together with Bala murali garu and disucuss all aspects and chalkout a plan for recording the keertanas as early as possible,since I would be leaving for Singapur during the month of September.
- Hide quoted text -

You are most welcome to my house. If you could intimate your programm accordingly I will prepare my self for this meeting. I would like to involve Saikrishna yachednra who is one of my tursted firneds.

wishing u success
with warm regards

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Donna Summer`s I love to love you baby composed in `Indian Melodic Rock'(a new musical genre)style by Vinukonda Murali krishna

I love to love you baby is one of the most popular hits of the Hollywood singer Donna Summer.
The song has been revived in `Indian Melodic Rock'(a new musical genre by Vinukonda Murali krishnaVizag ,India.The song heen composed in rag.Madhu kauns.
The music arrangement is done by Ashirwad Luke

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~Top of the world' a most popular hit of The Carpenters(Musicalgrroup) revived in Indian melodic Rock style

 `Top of the world'is a most popular hit number of The Carpenters musical group revived in `Indian melodic rock'style by Vinukonda Murali krishna.This song is composed in rag Bhimpalas slowly gliding in to rag Bhageshree

`Yesterday' a most popular hit song of The Beatles(Musical group)composed in Indian melodic Rock syle

`Yestrday' is a most popular hit song of The beatles group composed in Indiaan melodic Rock style,a new musical  genre coceptualised and composed by Vinukonda Murali krishna.
This song is composed in Rag Patdeep(Gauri manohari)